Lisa Frankenstein (2024) Subtitle Download + HD Movie

A mis-judged teenager and a reanimated Victorian corpse takes on quite a murderous adventure together to find love, happiness and a bit of lost body parts. Download Lisa Frankenstein English Subtitle here on this webpage…

Director: Zelda Williams

Starring: Kathryn Newton as Lisa , Liza Soberano as Taffy, Jenna Davis as Lori, Trina LaFargue as Tricia , Paola Andino as Misty.

Genre: Comedy, Horror

The Lisa Frankenstein Movie has been getting an amazing number of positive reactions from the public since it’s inception into cinemas and paid streaming platforms earlier this month.

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Get The English Subtitle Download to Lisa Frankenstein Below and enjoy fun time!

Please Note! The Subtitle for this movie will be available as soon as the movie is out in cinemas and streaming platforms. 

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