Deliver Us (2024) English Srt Subtitle

According to an ancient prophecy, a woman will give birth to identical twins. One will be the Messiah and the other will be the Antichrist. Get the subtitle To Deliver Us 2023 Movie Subtitle here on Subsbox.

Deliver Us 2023 srt download

When a Russian nun, Sister Julia, claims she is pregnant with twins, the Vatican sends a team of priests to investigate.

The priests are joined by members of a secret society and ordered to abort the two children. However, an American Jesuit discovers the sinister plan and helps her escape.

Starring : Tyagi · ZoroastrianJelena Rajapu · Zoroastrian Priestess ; Anil Kapur · Zoroastrian Priest ; Kätlin Hallik · Zoroastrian Priestess ; Vivek

Directors: Lee Roy Kunz and Cru Ennis

Genre: Horror, Sinister

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